Bamboozled "Hidden Warrior"

  On an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean there is a magical bamboo forest just past the town of Hana.  The forest is filled with history and mystery around every corner.  About a half mile up the trail a simple picture of bamboo was added to the collection of tropical images on my camera. With a little creativity in photoshop, the bamboo was painted and the image was duplicated and reversed.  The results were a bit shocking and a pleasant artistic surprise.  A warrior appeared as the two images were merged together.  Perhaps if you traveled back to the middle of the bamboo forest and held up a giant mirror he just may appear to you as well.     

The top layer is carved in one continuous piece and floats about a half inch above the canvas layer below.  The leaves are molded and glazed to create a realistic foliage effect.  This is the second piece in the  Bamboozled series and measures 31”x16”  Each piece is different and no piece will be exactly the same.  Commissions for larger pieces are gladly accepted.


Bamboozled "Hidden Warrior"


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